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1. Ownership of the website

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3. Website content and links

XXXXXXX, S.L.U. takes no responsibility for misuse of contents of this website, being the exclusive responsibility of the person who accesses or uses the site. Neither it accept any responsibility for information contains on websites of the third party where he accesses through a link from this website. The presence of these links is for information purpose only and do not constitute an invitation or offer of the products or services offered on the linked third party website. In case XXXXXXX, S.L.U.has .effective knowledge that the activity or the information to which is remitted from these links is illegal, can constitute a felony or it can damage goods or rights of thirds parties susceptible to compensation, it will act with the necessary diligence to remove or deactivate the corresponding link as soon as possible.

4. Exchange and dissemination of information

XXXXXXX, S.L.U. does not accept responsibility for the exchange of information between users through its website. Especially we are not responsible for the use which minors may make of it if the contents they access hurts their sensibility.

5. Website Updating and Modification

XXXXXXX, S.L.U. reserves the right to update, modify or delete the information contained on its website, and its configuration or presentation at any time, without prior warning and without any liability for so doing.

6. Indications on technical aspects

XXXXXXX, S.L.U. accepts no liability that may derive from technical problems or errors in computer equipment, which may be caused Turing connection to the Internet, or which could be caused by third parities by illegitimate intromissions beyond its control. XXXXXXX, S.L.U. does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements that could cause damage to computer systems from this website’s electronic documents or user files or those of third party websites, and therefore is not liable for damage that could be caused by such elements. It is also free of liability for any possible harm or damage that could be suffered by users as a consequence of errors, defects or omissions in the information provided, when this comes from third parties.

7. User data processing

When users provides their personal data using our contact forms and e-mails, they are expressly authorising XXXXXXX, S.L.U. to automatically process their personal data in order to attend their services request XXXXXXX, S.L.U., will include data provided by users in files with all necessary security measures required by the current policy on Protection of Personal Information. XXXXXXX, S.L.U. will not share or offer the data collected to third parties without the users consent, except in cases when its necessary to service users request. Users may exercise their Rights of access, rectification, cancellation and challenge by making a writing request (n writing) to XXXXXXX, S.L.U., Responsible for the date, located in Carrer de XXXXXXX, 08006, Barcelona.

8. Use of cookies

This Website may use cookies. User can refuse using cookies, by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser, but please note that this may affect your ability to use the full functionality of the website.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a file downloaded on to your computer when you access certain websites. Cookies allow a website to store and recover information about the browsing habits of users or their equipment, among other things. Depending on the information they contain and the way you use your equipment, they can be used to recognise the user.

Types of cookies

Depending on the organisation managing the domain from where the cookies are sent and processing the data obtained from them, two types can be distinguished: own cookies and third-party cookies.

There is also a second classification depending on the period of time they remain stored in the client’s browser: they can be session cookies or persistent cookies.

There is also another classification into five types of cookie depending on the purpose for which the data obtained is processes: technical cookies, customisation cookies, analysis cookies, advertising cookies and behavioural advertising cookies.

What types of cookies does this website use?

On this website, BLOCD uses different types of cookies with the sole purpose of improving the user’s browsing of the website, without any kind of advertising purpose. All cookies, except the ones used by Google Analytics, are temporary and disappear when you close your session. The cookies being used on this site and their types and functions are identified below:

Analysis cookies

These are the ones which, when processed by us or by third parties, allow us to quantify the number of users to measure and statistically analyse the use of the service offered being made by users. To do this, your browsing of our website is analysed in order to improve the range of products and services we offer you. BLOCD uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service developed by Google, making it possible to analyse and measure website browsing. You can find 4 cookies from this service on your browser. In accordance with the above typology, there are own, session and analysis cookies. You can find more information about this topic and disable the use of these cookies at The Analytics Privacy Page. No information about your personal data is obtained through web analytics. The information obtained relates to the number of users accessing the website, the number of pages seen, the frequency and repetition of visits, their duration, the browser used, the operator providing the service, the terminal used and the city to which their IP address is assigned. This information allows this website to provide a better, more appropriate service. If these cookies are disabled, the website can continue to work.

Technical type cookies

These are necessary for browsing websites properly. They manage the user’s consent for the use of cookies on the website in order to prevent the annoyance that may be caused by repeatedly displaying information about the cookies policy at the bottom of the website to people who have already accepted it. If these cookies are disabled, the content of the website will not be received properly.

Social network cookies

These are used so you can interact with different social platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). They are generated only for users of these social networks. The conditions of use of these cookies and the information stored are governed by the privacy policy of the platform in question.

Acceptance of the cookies policy

BLOCD shows information about its cookies policy at the bottom of the page every time a new session begins. Having read this information, you can carry out the following actions:

Carry on browsing and accept cookies: You accept our Cookie policy if you keep on browsing on our website.

Change the configuration. You can obtain more information about what cookies are, find out about the Ministry’s cookies policy and change your browsing configuration. That will not prevent the cookies notice being displayed the next time you begin a session on the website.

How to change your cookies configuration

You can restrict, block or delete cookies using your browser. The operation is different for each browser. Here are the links so you can do it with some of the most popular browsers:

Internet Explorer

9. Applicable legislation and Jurisdiction

On a general basis, relationships with users that derive from the provision of services contained on this website are subject to Spanish law and jurisdiction. Users of this website have read the above and accept the terms and conditions voluntarily.